Well, my sister is in Japan right now. Which, just in case you haven't heard, has been hit with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. The 3rd largest ever recorded. Add a major freakout, late night/early morning texting, and phone conversations with my parents, and you have my night in a nutshell.  She is okay, but I've had to do something to distract myself... What better than posting a DIY tutorial? Yep. I finally got it. It was supposed to be up yesterday, but due to some technical difficulties, AKA I forgot my camera cord for my computer, I wasn't able to download the pictures. However, now I am at home, with my lovely little cord and have it all hooked up to my computer. So, without further adieu.... DIY Cute Print Folders

I bet you remember this little post, right? Haha, I sure do. Well, I made some more of those bowls the other day and had a whole stack of the cardboard record sleeves that I didn't know what to do with. Over New Years, I was gifted a Wanderlust Journal from Anthropologie that was so gorgeous that I fell in love instantly and wanted like 30 more! 

I got the purple one with the Paisleys on it. So cute!! However, at an $18 price tag, 30 of them wasn't really practical or possible. So, after roving around the Anthro site, I saw another little goodie. The Prospero Journal.

Adorable, right? However, it is also $18. Sigh. So, I started playing around with those cardboard sleeves. Some of them had some great prints on the outside, so I decided that I was going to make my own Wanderlust/Prospero journal. Well.... Folder, cause I couldn't figure out how to bind the paper in. I will, though... I will.  So, here's what you do.

Take the sleeve...

And slice open the top and bottom seams so that it opens like a book. 

Then, spray the front cover with water (both inside and outside of it) so that it soaks in and gets flexible.

While you let the water soak in, take a stack of papers and use them as a guide to cut your back cover.

Then, wipe down your front cover with a dishtowel to mop up extra water and test the flexibility. If it can roll up without cracking, you're good to go, if not spray it again and let it set. Some might crack anyways, so just be careful. 

Taking a Shish-ka-bob poker (wood or metal variety works) or a toothpick, poke three holes in the ridge of the cardboard. 

Thread your needle with thick quilting string that has been cut to an arm-length long.

Then, in whatever fashion you choose, begin binding the ridge of the folder, alternating between all three holes in your cardboard. 

When you finish, tie off the ends of the string. Fold over the front cover of the folder and bend the edge over the back cover. 

Then, string your needle again, with about 2 arm-lengths of string. Tie it around the string coming out the middle hole of the ridge... Like so. (I tied mine close to the end of the string... You could tie it in the middle, if you wanted)

Then braid the string... or knot it. I was too lazy to braid it, so I took the second route. Haha. Wrap it around the folder..... and Voila! 

 Finished product. You could cover it in cloth, decorate it with paint, add a button to wrap the string around to keep it closed. The possibilities are endless!!



Quinn said...

What a relief that your sister is okay!! How scary! Your project looks so neat! I love notebooks so much. Nothing like a fresh journal just waiting to be filled with thoughts. :)