Design Inspiration: Andrea Cochran

As many of you know, I'm graduating in Landscape Architecture this spring (Squeal!!!!) and I thought that I would share one of my favorite Landscape Architects. I actually met her in 2009 during a guest lecture at USU and let me tell you... She is A-MAAAAAAZ-ING. She embodies modern design and makes some very innovative designs with the spaces she is given. She has become my hero... My icon... I want to work with her and learn all her secrets and then be just as successful and brilliant. Was that too much? Oh my goodness, I better stop before I get carried away... Here are some of her designs.

Residential Landscape; San Francisco, California

It looks like this in real life...

Another Residential Landscape

and a Rooftop Garden

Another Residential Landscape

More Rooftop Gardens

Another Residential Landscape

An Urban Plaza

And an AWESOME Rooftop Garden!

If you'd like to see more, you can visit her Website or buy her book. And if someone would like to gift me one, I'd more than happily accept it!


Morgan said...

Wow these are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!

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