Another Year Older

Well, it's this girl's birthday. 

Yep. That's me. I will be 22 today. The big ol' 22. 

It's crazy to think how quickly time flies, because I couldn't wait for this day. To be old. To be a 'grown up' and now that it's here, I sit and think about all these little moments that have passed by. All these awesome memories that I made with family, friends, and people who are no longer in my life. 

And all those moments add up to my life. And it's been an amazing one! From hanging with my older sisters...

To welcoming a new baby brother...

To growing up to be... me!

I've enjoyed every moment of it! Thanks for sharing it with me!


Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful girl! Love your say what all us feel at some point or other, keep it up! ;)

mama mouse said...

happy birthday lady, i hope its a great one.