DIY Pin Tucking

When I first originally wrote this post, I was a novice seamstress... Still am. However, I did come up a with a few solutions for pin-tucking for all us repressed sewers! You can do this for duvet covers, pillows, clothing, or so many other things!!

So, here you go! Enjoy your new pin-tucking skills... just don't go too crazy.

In this method, I used a sewing machine instead of doing it by hand. Mind you, you can still do it by hand, it just takes a little longer and is more likely to come out. So, pinch your sheet (hehe that sounded funny!) where you would like your pin-tuck to be. 

I laid out all of mine and safety pinned them, just so it was easier to do them with the sewing machine. 

Then twist it, like so, so when you sew it, it'll pucker itself into a gorgeous little kisser

Then, sew the tip of the sheet, so it stays permanently twisted. The deeper into the sheet you sew it, the more it will pucker and the fluffier it will be. I bought a King size sheet the second time around, just so I could experiment with how deep my puckers would be. (Haha... Oh man, I'm crackin' myself up today. I guess I'm a deep puckerer. lol) 

It should come out looking like this

Or this. I back-stitched mine quite a few times, just to make sure it was sturdy and wouldn't come out in the wash, as a few of my hand ones did on the last cover.

When you lay it flat, the pin-tuck will look like this. Make sure that you like how it folds, if not, simply run it through the machine again and do it a little deeper.

Here's what it should look like as you start doing more of the pin-tucks. The closer the spacing, the more your sheet is going to pucker. (You can definitely tell when I'm giggling now... Sigh)

Here's what a series of them will look like when they're done. Even laying down, it was pretty gorgeous!! 

If you'd like to see the origin of this post, check it here.


Bromeliad said...

Hey, you made that look easy.