Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Now, you know that I've talked about her before, but Sydney over at The Daybook has invited every blogger out there to join her in awkward and awesome Thursday. So, being in the mood this morning, I thought that I would join in.


-When someone goes to sit down next to you on the bus and totally sticks their butt in your face. Then, proceeds to try to strike up a conversation with you.
-Going to work and realizing that you didn't need to be there. Hi boss! 
-Staring at someone, until you realize that you know them... then saying hi only to have them not recognize you.
-Someone gagging while you're eating oatmeal for breakfast.... 
-Having your boobs called the rack of doom. By your best guy friend. 
-Guys hitting on you while walking into the bathroom. Smooooth.
-Leaving a meeting early, but having to wait for a moment of silence when you can announce your departure.
-Having a class mate take your mouse, thinking it's his... only to find out that the mouse only connects to MY computer and it works from half way across the room.  


-Oatmeal for breakfast. Mixed with no-sugar added applesauce. Yummmmmmm...
-Getting to see my mom for an extra day, because her car wouldn't start.
-Going on a budget. Can' wait for Italy!!!!
-Smiling. It gets me every time. 
-Holding a sleeping baby. I wish I was comfortable enough to sleep anywhere!
-Sleeping in until 9. It's amazing. It really is. 
-Graduation is just around the corner. Seriously. What am I gonna do?!
-SuperBowl party on Sunday with a giant big screen. I don't even know who I'm rooting for!! Haha. 

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Candace Stevenson said...

I used to go to work and the girl before me would be like "oh yeah, I decided to work all day today.. uhh bye!" and I was too shy to tell her they were MY hours. haha sooo awkward&silly. I just did the awkward&awesome thing, toooo. gotta luhv the daybook!