Winter Flats

Since school started up again yesterday, I've been on my feet almost all day every day for the last 2 days. With 6" of snow on the ground, I haven't been able to wear my heeled boots like I've been wanting, so instead, I've been looking for ways to wear flat shoes in the snow, without ending up walking in a puddle all day. So... Here you go. :)

Ankle Boots

Like this look from denj. I love the look of having just a bit of sock showing, it helps create some interest at a lower point on your body, which helps balance the volume on the upper body. 

Or these chunky boots from Eat.Sleep.Wear

Calf High Boots

Sandra Bullock has them mastered! I love all three of her choices, all paired with pencil cut pants and voluminous tops to balance them out. 


I Love this look by Heidi Klum. So fun and relaxed. I wish I could pull it off as easily as she does.

Snow Boots

The fur on these boots give them a certain femininity that really makes the whole outfit work. Elle Macpherson definitely knows how to work something that isn't usually seen as fashionable.