Monday Night Class...

So, this semester I have a Monday night class that goes from 6 to 9. Joy. Of. My. Life. Actually, it's not such a bad class (Conflict Management), however, the hours are horrendous. With the class being only one night a week is great... however, having it from 6 pm to 9 pm is really screwing up my schedule. I mean, come on! I'm missing JERSEY SHORE! Haha. Okay, okay... So instead of paying attention in class, well, okay, I only get distracted every once in a while. I promise! I've been drooling over Smitten Kitchen. Their recipes are AMAZING. But this one definitely has me salivating.

Beef Chili and Sour Cream and Cheddar Biscuits. You can find the recipe here. I'm thinking that I might just try this one out tomorrow when I have more time to cook. Sigh. I miss cooking. And starting back up with this will be AMAZING.