5 Minute DIY: Cocktail Ring

Okay... So I had a few moments to do a quick DIY that I've been thinking about lately. You've seen them all over the place, so I finally decided that instead of dropping upwards of $40 on the ring that I really wanted, I'd just make my own. And guess what?! It took about 3 minutes and didn't cost a thing. Well... okay, maybe a buck or two, but still. It's made from things that you most likely already have:

A hairband and a cute, stylish brooch.

Here's what you do...

Take your hair band and wrap it around itself to tie it in the middle. It'll look like this.

Then fold it in half so the holes overlap themselves... Like so.

(I put mine on a sharpie, just for effect and to help with the next step)

Then pin the brooch through the middle of the knot. Make sure you put the pin through part of the elastic for stability!

Then, put it on your finger like so..

And there you have it! Instant cocktail ring!

Ahhhhhhhhh! (Imagine little angels singing that)

Although, beware!! Make sure you have an extra hairband on hand! Or else your hair may end up looking like this:

OMG! Scary!
Okay... maybe just like this:

Any requests? Be sure to email me at Trissta_bob@hotmail.com!