Lost Track of Time

With the holidays coming on, I've lost all track of time! Turkey day is next week, Christmas soon follows, and both school and work are swamping me!! Ahhhhh. I hope to still have hair on my head come New Years. Sigh. Meanwhile, in the spare minutes of the day that I have, I've been dreaming of all sorts of new things.. So, once again, I present you with another Lust List.

#1 A MacBook Pro

15 inch, 2.66 GHz, 500 GB hard drive, subwoofers, and a 9 hour battery. Wow. I'm drooling. Also, I'd like a copy of CS5 (Education version, of course) to install on it. Only... what, $2500? No problem. Send me a bill.

#2 And Airplane ticket to Italy. :)

Venice. Colosseum. Beaches. Shopping. Yum.

#3 Velvet Angels, Pour La Victoire, L.A.M.B, or Jeffery Campbell shoes.

I LOVE these wedges by Jeffery Campbell. Have been dreaming of them, actually.
These L.A.M.B. boots are gorgeous too! I'm loving wedges right now. :) Especially with all the snow headed my way. Oh boy.

These Pour La Victoire boots as so cute too!!! AH! I wish I had money to buy everything! Someone sponsor me, please?!

#4 CLOTHES. Omg. You know how much I love clothes. It's ridiculous how many pieces I have and how easily I find more. I wish I had enough money to just invest in all sorts of labels, but alas. I must peruse the thrift stores and consignment stores and everywhere in between!!