So, every Sunday I go to Borders and read magazines, books, and other printed media that I would love to actually own! A little crazy, I know, but it not only gives me something to do, but keeps me up to date on every single possible thing... :) Recently, though, I found and the fact that they are doing a coupon on Glamour magazine. You can get a subscription for $7 off their price with the coupon code: 4866. I just got a 3 year subscription for $12! I am in HEAVEN!!!!

I love Glamour magazine, especially their Do and Don't moments. In fact I love Glamour so much that I broke down and bought their Do's and Don't book.

And it's like a bible to me. I know, I know. but for such a fashion-almost challenged girl, it has helped me out of so many fashion disasters! :) So, just as a little way to spread the love and fashion inspiration... GO GET YOURS ORDERED TODAY!!!