Here I am on a Sunday morning watching this new show... Jerseylicious. I must say that it's pretty addictive. Watching these beautiful girls getting taught by the best stylists at one of the best salons in NYC, and also get a make-UNDER, really amazed me. It really is true that Less is More! However, not 30 minutes after they were done, Olivia and Tracy redid their over the top makeup and hair... And looked like trashy bimbos. No offense to them, but really? REALLY? There's a time to be professional and to be flirty. When you are getting taught my some of the greatest people in your profession, maybe you should listen a little more.
This, I could see in a club... But they aren't in a club. They're in a salon... WORKING. Learning about how you need to follow through with your hair, makeup, and clothing. So, my lesson from this is that it is totally worth the money to invest in simple pieces and beauty regimens in order to look professional. And to keep it SIMPLE!!! Oh, and along with the less is more... I think I'm going to apply that to my life in another way: Downsizing my stuff. Keeping things that I use everyday and actually mean something to me, and getting rid of the rest!

PS: Here's a list of No No's from Glamour... for men and your professional life.