Frozen Treats

My lord. I apologize for being such a slacker about posting! Gah. So much for all my goals and expectations of myself. That's usually how it works though, right? The real world has to take over for just a little while with stress and drama and all that jazz. Well, instead of moping around tonight, I thought that I'd get on and share a little something that I have fallen in love with.

One night a couple weeks ago, I was going through my freezer looking for some kind of desert... usually of the dairy variety, but there was none to be found. I'd finished it during that time of the month and left no survivors. But, low and behold, I managed to find some frozen blueberries and raspberries that I had stuck in there at least a month before. So, I pulled them out, poured them into a bowl and started munching...

But it was still lacking something. A sweetness factor, as I like to call it. So, looking through my cupboards, on a quest once again, I found some Heath toffee bits that I had squirreled away from Christmas... So, being the adventurous soul that I am, I poured a good bit on top of my frozen berries and grabbed a spoon. May I say, that this humble little medley has calmed my senses and toppled my taste buds. I am in LOVE. That's right... LOVE. Now, pick up your own berries, usually on sale at grocery stores this time of year, and a package of toffee bits, sold in chocolate-chip type bags, and try it for yourself. :)