My friend called me "Ms. 'I don't pay full price for anything'" today... Not surprising, because I don't. :) This inspired me to share a few little hints for living the frugal life today and not paying full price for ANYTHING.

1) Shop the sales. There are always big sales going on, you just have to look and have some patience. That would be the key: Patience. If it's something you absolutely can't live without, you will most likely end up paying full price for the item because you buy it too quickly.

2) Look at thrift stores or online classifieds. Second hand items may seem icky, but I guarantee you that all that most of them need is a good washing or cleaning and possibly some mending and you'll be good. Be sure that you get a good look at the item before you commit to buying, because unlike commercial stores, these items aren't returnable or guaranteed to work.

3) Coupons! There are many sites and blogs, such as Thrifty Shannon, that list popular coupons and such that will discount your item even more. There are also some books that give tips and hints on how to get groceries and such for practically free.

4) Ask friends/ spread the word of what you are looking for. More often than not, there is someone that can get you a good price or knows of a good deal going on. My friends always tell me what items are on their lust lists, and I've found more than a few amazing deals for them while out doing my own shopping.

Happy shopping!!  More exciting posts to come!