Skin Care

Lately I've been discovering all sorts of amazing things... Like lotions... and body buffers... and all sorts of gloriness. So, I've decided to share my regimen that I've perfected. I've divided my skin/hair care into alternating regiments every other day... Here's Day 1

Step 1: BEFORE SHOWERING: Using a brush like this, available at any Health Food Store... Amazon, etc. Should be around $10 for a good one.

brush your body, starting with the legs and moving upwards, with strokes toward your heart. I alternate sides each day, and brush my whole body. Body brushing will help reduce cellulite and increase circulation... Check it.

Step 2: WHILE SHOWERING: Shaving... It can be a peculiar predicament. I have super sensitive skin, so there are times that I break out in razor rash HORRIBLY. Not an experience I care to repeat often. I've found that while shaving my bikini line, the best product has been BikiniZone's Anti-Bump Shave Gel.

First, I shave in the direction of the hair. Second, relather and shave against the direction of the hair. The relathering is very important to prevent razor rash!! Then, when it comes to my legs and pits, I use Slumber Parties' Coochy Cream
Coochy has a formula that softens hair shafts, making regrowth slower and thinner. I love love LOVE this product. Can be bought on the Slumber Parties website.

Step 3: WHILE SHOWERING: After shaving, I use a moisturizing body wash such as Aveeno or Nivea, both available at your local super market. Both can be purchased for under $10.


This will help keep moisture in your skin after you exfoliate, which will help keep your skin smooth and supple. ;)

Step 3: AFTER SHOWERING: I like to use Nivea's Skin Firming Lotion with Q10 or Vaseline's Intensive Care Firming Lotion. Nivea is closer to $8 a bottle at Wal-Mart, Vaseline tends to be cheaper... around $5 a bottle.

This will help lock the moisture in. I love to slather lotion on before I go to bed, as I believe that it will help lock the moisturizer in even more. Geek, I know. It seems to really help, as I've been doing it steadily for the last year, and I must say... No dimples. Anywhere. (YAY!)