Rainy Days

While I've been busy at work on... oh EVERYTHING, it seems that the weather has caught my mood perfectly. A slow, steady rain has been tinkering outside my window since 9 am, which gives me the right to walk around without a care in the world... and not get anything done. At an attempt to feel somewhat accomplished, I figured I would post a little something.

Reasons I love rain:

1: It lets me think. Listening to the rain falling on roofs makes me want to rewind, lay back, put on some Edwin McCain and just meditate. Rain helps me keep my fear and anxiety at bay.

2. When it rains, you can go out and do whatever you like. Sing, play in puddles, and enjoy being... well, just BEING. 

3. When you come inside soaking wet, you can strip down to nothing, climb in a hot shower or into bed and just relax. Have a cup of tea, snuggle with your honey, or just fall asleep.