If Only...

Well, since I looked at my bank account this morning and winced, I've put off any sort of spending I might have even THOUGHT about doing for the next, oh 3 months or so. Or even more. So, instead of purging my lustful thoughts in real life, I thought that I would put them on here, so ya'll can drool with me instead...

B. Makowsky bags... Beauty in it's finest!

Leather so soft... Oh my goodness. However, at approx. $200 smakaroos a piece, it's going to be a while.

Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

The best ones that I've seen thus far are the Sony DR BT50

I really love the idea of a wireless workout!! These would be awesome to hook up to my iPhone and listen to Pandora. Awww... sweet bliss.


What girl doesn't always want new shoes?! I'm in love with these Adreana wedges from Jessica Simpson.

I'm also loving these wedges from Velvet Angels... It's the Naked Lunch Bootie! As seen on Love, Maegan. I'm totally in lust with them.


So cute!! However, quite a hefty price at $130... Used on Amazon. Youch.


Okay, YES, I am a book nerd. I love looking at the pictures and reading more about design standards, ideas, how-tos, etc. The biggest one on my wish list is Domino's Book of Decorating.


Talk about an amazing resource!! This has so many ideas and wonderful things in it... It makes me so happy I want to cry. I'll go over to Borders on Sundays and take a copy off the shelf and use it as reference material. Love it.

The Antionette Fainting Sofa, from Urban Outfitters has been on my lust list for a while.

I can imagine it in my kitchen in front of my chalk board wall. Having extra seating in my kitchen would be so amazing! I love cooking for people and entertaining, so why not combine the two?

Note: I just found out that Target has the same couch for $100 less... Check it. 

Oh.. One sweet day.

Oh and of course, any donations are welcome! <3 Save this starving college student...