As the snow begins to melt and the sun is shining more often, and for longer periods, I can often be found outside. In the garden. I love love LOVE gardening and the work and effort you have to put into it to receive a glorious reward. Gardening is also very sustainable, as you are growing your own food source, not buying it from the grocery store that got it from a grower in say... CHINA. I'm all about buying and growing local. Gardens are a great way to stay healthy, happy, and active. So, today, I've decided to pinpoint a few things that can be done now to prepare for a garden.

1: Compost/Mulch/Till/ Fertilize your garden area.

This is essential for the health of your soil, which then affects the health of your plants. Thus, the healthier your soil, the better your plants will preform and the more produce you'll get off your plants. Gardening When It Counts by Steve Solomon is a GREAT resource for this!! Another great resource: Martha Stewart.

2: Plant flowers, perennials, etc.
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This is a great time to plant your flowers and get them established. If a cold spell comes through, then all you have to do is cover them from the cold with a thick blanket. Fall is another great time to do this, as it gives the plants extra time to get established and you don't have to worry about watering them then.

3: Select and start seeds indoors.

Seed germination kits, like this one from Johnson's Garden Centers, are pretty easy to find. They are great for starting seeds, just make sure you keep them warm, but not too warm. As the plants start forming their root systems, you can transplant them into larger containers or into the ground. There are specific plants, such as tomatoes, that should be started in a container like this; however, most root producing plants, such as carrots, are best started in the ground.

So let's get planting!!