End of Semester!

As much as I love studying and working hard on projects and designs, there's a time when you have to take a break and relax. This is the time... to work on my home projects! I have many things in mind, but my number 1 priority right now is a bed frame. My current bed frame is one that I got from an antique auction for $5... and for the last 2 years it's been held together by wood glue, elastic bands, and 2x4s. Being a college student, I haven't much money to spare, so I've decided to go the DIY route. However, the decision between actual framing techniques has been the hardest part. After several days of research, I've found the most compatible bed for my skills and abilities is the Platform bed. Apartment Therapy has several great posts on Platform beds... I especially liked this one.

The finished look of the bed is really great! And the fact that it's movable is even better... I'm one of those designers that is constantly changing things every day. It's hard for me to stay confined to one small bedroom without moving furniture around. Pretty easy construction, too. A simple frame with plywood on top.

Option number 2:

I really like the idea of raising my bed up off the floor, especially because I'm a under-the-bed-storage type of person... So the hair pin legged bed in this post is also very appealing! Seems super easy as well, even with the headboard.

 I can imagine the Ring of Asters sheets mixed with the Leaf Medallion sheets...


Paired with my DIY Duvet Cover that I realized looks very similar to this comforter from Anthro.

Hmmmm... So many ideas!! So much time! Yay!! Post on the bed frame soon to come!