Spring Cleaning

Well, in the spirit of the season, I've decided to simplify my style. Using my feng shui knowledge, I've been knocking out one area each day (Or at least trying to, I'm afraid some days have been far too busy). Yesterday was my linen closet... Wow. I never realized how many towels were in there, not to mention all the extra sheets and pillow cases that had piled up from previous tenants (my sisters).

The first step I took was to go through the towels and determine if they were worth keeping. Most of the towels passed the rag test and have been stockpiled to be cut up sometime in the future. Thus, I took the rest of the towels and folded them as shown on this Unclutterer post. Hopefully, they stay that way... and one day I'll make it look like this one from Country Living...

The second thing I did was stockpiled all my unopened toiletries and organized them in baskets. So they look like these tubs by Martha Stewart.

I then determined what each shelf would hold. Towels went on the shelves that were eye and hand level, toiletries below them, and an empty shelf at the top. I was so very happy with the results. I've not only made space and made everything neat... I've also de-junked my linen closet!!