Kitchen Update!!!

New floors!! If there is one way to transform a room, it's definitely through flooring. After having horrid linoleum flooring in my kitchen, I finally got the floors I've been dreaming of! Initially, we were hoping to stain the concrete that was under the linoleum... but found out that the stain doesn't take when paint has been dropped on the concrete surface, as it had been when my condo was first built. So, instead of my awesome stained floors, I got an equally awesome linoleum wood floors!!

Here's the process... Thanks to my Dad and Brother-in-law, who helped to install the wood planks!


The wood planks have grooves on them that interlock, that way the floor doesn't require glue. 
Here's the total budget for the project:

Wood Flooring: $.99/ sq. ft... 233 sq ft= $233
Foam Padding: $20/ Roll... 3 Rolls =$60
Corner Sealant: Brought by dad. (So Thankful for Parents!!!)

Total: $293

Next project: Paint!