If there is one thing that I absolutely adore, it's fashion. From shoes to jackets, you name it, I must have an addiction to it. My recent guilty pleasure: Jewelry. I have been scouring the bins at thrift stores, antique shops, and any other place that I find myself shopping. I have so many different pieces of jewelry sitting in a cute 3 tiered antique jewelry box on my dresser, and it is SO hard to pick favorites. So, instead, I thought that I would share some interesting pieces to look for.

Puzzle Rings

Picture found on Flickr, Taken by Probablykat

The ring pictured is identical to one I picked up while I was living in Germany. I paid 5 Euros for it, roughly $7.50, at a little antique store in Duisberg. Puzzle rings are originally from Turkey, where the story is told that a Turkish noble man had a puzzle ring made for his wife, so that if it was removed it would fall apart. He was so in love with her, and he wanted to make sure that she would be faithful while he was away, thus began the tradition. Puzzle rings are often used as wedding bands or as trinkets for lovers. I love the story, but it was the design of the ring that really caught my eye. It's not something you see everyday.

Gem Stones
 Earrings found on Flickr, Made by Smabla

Gem stones are believed to have powers that can influence the person wearing them. I recently purchased the Gem Stone Bible, which contains information on many readily available stones. The Aquamarine gem, pictured above in a pair of earrings, were worn by sailors to protect them from the tortures of the sea and is also the March birthstone. I have a pair of earrings, that I wear when I need to calm down and relax. You can usually find great gem stone jewelry at craft fairs, gem fairs, and department stores. You can also make your own, if you are feeling crafty. I might just try it myself.

 Brooch found on, seller chinacherie

I absolutely LOVE brooches. You can pin them on shirts, chains, pants, etc. etc. for some extra flair. The possibilities are endless!!  I have found many brooches in antique shops, thrift stores, and online. My favorite online jewelry shopping is on There are so many sellers on Etsy, and it is so easy to find a one of a kind piece! Brooches are easily pinned on clothing, but they can also be used on pillows, bags, etc. etc. to add more details in places that were unexpected.