Design Inspiration

There are a lot of things that I find inspiration from... Almost too many to name, but I'll just go into a few of my favorites. Photography, Feng Shui, and Collaboration.

Photography (Or your passion)
Photography has been my passion since before I can even remember. My mom used to take so many pictures when I was little and into my awkward teenage years, that we would start groaning as soon as she pulled the camera out. However, as time as gone on, I often look at those pictures, and I'm thankful she took so many. During high school I was a member of the yearbook staff, another memorable time in my life. I would get so excited to go on assignments and catch moments that would remind me of that time of my life. As time has gone on, I've found my passion as a landscape photographer, but lately I've been stepping outside the box and trying portraits, and OH what an experience that has been! I've gathered so much inspiration from models, locations, and nature. I've taken many photos, mostly black and white, and displayed them around my condo, to share my passion with others around me. So my advice to you, is to take what you LOVE and enjoy and to share it with others... whether it be cooking, painting, or crocheting. Show it off, because it's part of you!

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Feng Shui (Or trying something new)

No, I am not a Feng Shui expert, but I have a few reference books about it. As I have researched the practice, the more that I've fallen in love with it. The belief that every space has an energy to it rings true to me. I've worked hard to keep a positive energy in my home and in my life, just by the objects and things around me. I have candles around my bedroom that I light ritually to achieve a balance in my body and my surroundings.  Finding something new can be a deep well of inspiration to do so many things! Simple things that you never thought about before can bring a different depth to your designs and life altogether.

Collaboration (Or networking)
What is a better source than your friends? For design advice, brain storming, or even help completing a project, friend are an unlimited source of information. I love asking my friends for new things they've seen, fun ideas, or even just talking about options. It helps to get a second opinion, especially before tackling something big! You can find out so much, just by asking simple questions and looking for answers. I've found that my friends are usually the ones looking out for me and have most the answers.