Bathroom Decor

This is my bathroom... with a little bit of help. I've been working on little projects around the house over Christmas break, and this has been one of them. Before I replaced the hardware, there were golden towel racks, toilet paper holder, and a green plastic garbage can. Pretty standard... and outdated. So, I started shopping for decor that would be similar to that of an Apothecary look.  I've broken down my budget for all who are interested.

Towel Racks from Hobby Lobby =  2 for $12
Trash Can (Recycled Grain Tin) from the D.I. Thrift Store = $1
Toilet Paper Holder (Recycled Plastic Vase) from the D.I. = $1
Mirror from Silcox Antique Auction = $7.50
Plant (Started from a cutting of another plant) = Free
Toilet/Bath Rack from the D.I. = $1
Rug from TJ Maxx (On Clearance) = $7.50

Total Spent on my bathroom: $30

Not too shabby, huh?