My current project is my kitchen.... Which is coming along SLOWLY. I'm learning patience in so many different ways, but I never knew that the main contributor would be a kitchen. Currently my kitchen looks like a disaster zone... Pulled up linoleum, dirty walls, messes all over the counters, which is not my style at all. I've been dreaming about the different things I would do with it mainly for the walls and floors. I love the idea of putting a mosaic behind my stove, like these I found on Flickr...

I really love the idea of incorporating nature into my own design... Possibly ocean waves or trees. Something that would reflect my passion for the outdoors and design at the same time.

This one has a very fluid design, very classy and timeless. This would work great for a larger mosaic. I would love to put this all over my kitchen walls. 
This one is a little more on the retro, eccentric side, but I find myself pulled to it. I love color and the use of different shapes. If I was more daring, and not worried about resell value, I would totally go for something crazy like this...

I've been collecting blue, silver, and gray plates, ceramic bits, and pretty much anything I can break up for my mosaic. I pick them up at the dollar store, thrift shops, from family and friends, pretty much everywhere. I have some pretty cool ceramic bits that I found while wading in the Yellowstone River this summer, that I am going to incorporate as well. Just goes to show, you can find things anywhere!

Seems like a pretty cheap and easy way to update a kitchen, while putting some of your own artistic flair in it. I'll be starting my, fingers crossed, this weekend, while my dad and brother-in-law work on installing hardwood laminate flooring... found at Lowe's for $.78 a sq. foot. Talk about a steal!